​Age : 3-18 mths Baby


Ever wonder how little ones grow and develop? Nature and nurture comes to play an important role in the child learning and growing process, and this form their part in the child learning and growing process.With so many development milestone we have to be better equipped to meet the children’s physical, emotional, and social to get along with others and their intellectual needs .In a child’s world is all imagination, love, fun and happiness that embrace them.
What is love and how love is given to a child. It is a clever of science and art working quietly behind and put into humane form. To love a child is to give them the care they need around them and start from their well-being. Blue Ribbon care program is a balance between care and love, a classic of traditional nurturing. The child can connect with the love given and feel the vibe of our care givers just like being at home.
All we do is the most simple thing and with a sense of heart. love is care and care is love.


Baby Massage, Equipment Play, Music and Movement, ​

Immersion to Letterland Phonics for 12 months old & above


Milk Powder x 2 pack , Diapers x 2 pack (sufficient for a month)

Change of clothes x 10 sets/Per Week